facilitating job search for Mobile Employees' Partners

Zurich, Switzerland

The International Dual  Career Network (IDCN) was created in 2011, with the purpose of helping partners and spouses of international employees with the job search process, providing support and useful information about the local job market.

Based on the success of the pilot program, IDCN spread its model, first in Switzerland - Basel and Zurich, then globally.


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The IDCN Zürich chapter,  was launched in November 2012.

IDCN membership is open to partners and spouses of corporate members’ of expat employees.

As an IDCN Zurich member you will have full access to the association events and the IDCN Zurich LinkedIn group, where we offer support and assistance by sharing information, experiences and good practices.


IDCN Zurich offers you:


  • A dynamic platform for professional networking in your area of interest.
  • Support for mobilizing ambitious spouses.
  • An inspiring atmosphere in which to learn and grow together.
  • A personal touch with opportunities for one-on-one support from corporate representatives.



If you are a partner or spouse of one of our local or global Corporate Members, you are eligible to join the IDCN Zurich network. Contact the Registration & Administration Team, to learn more!


Want to become a Corporate Member and benefit from our motivated and highly skilled talent pool? 


To learn about becoming an IDCN Corporate Member please email the IDCN Zurich Partner President.


Mobile Employees' Partners
IDCN Zurich Corporate Members

IDCN in Zurich

President Partner Committee: zurich@idcn.info


Administration & Membership: membership.zurich@idcn.info



" IDCN opened up a whole new perspective, and presented me the wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with others like me. Most importantly I had the opportunity to connect with hiring managers from partner organizations. I sat through some very informative sessions and the networking certainly helped me get a better insight in to the job market."


-Lekshmi Jayaprakash, previous IDCN member and current Credit Suisse employee.

Our Global Members

  • Sanofi

  • Philip Morris International

  • Technip

  • EY

  • Loreal

  • Coca-Cola

  • Roche

  • Nestle

  • Novartis

  • ABB

  • www.rb.com

  • Axa

  • http://www.novonordisk.com/careers/working-at-novo-nordisk/available-jobs.html

  • University of Copenhagen

  • LVMH

  • Maersk logo

  • Pernod Ricard