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Basel, Switzerland

The IDCN is a local and informal network with the goal to provide the resources to help skilled and experienced relocated spouses/partners from corporate member companies with their job search in the region as well as providing them with relevant career information. This network is free and open only to the partners of expatriate employees of the companies who partner with the network in the Basel Region.



Any international company or organization in the Basel region can become a corporate member of the IDCN as long as they have a minimum of international assignees/ international local hires or an interest in recruiting experienced talents.

At the moment the Basel IDCN Network is headed by University of Basel  with partners in the region to actively support this Network: Novartis,EY, Syngenta,Lonza,Roche, and Bayer. 

The IDCN organization is volunteer based that depends on its members to provide leadership and organizational support for its events. The IDCN is run by a committee made up of spouses/ partners and corporate mentors. The committee is made up of several groups each headed by a group leader and followed by a corporate mentor.

These groups are:

  • Strategy/President
  • Events
  • Communication
  • Membership
  • Measurements.

Committee leader meetings are held on a monthly basis to define upcoming projects, work and strategy. Sub-committee meetings are organized according to project needs.

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Our Global Members

  • Sanofi

  • Philip Morris International

  • Technip

  • EY

  • Loreal

  • Coca-Cola

  • Roche

  • Nestle

  • Novartis

  • ABB

  • www.rb.com

  • Axa

  • http://www.novonordisk.com/careers/working-at-novo-nordisk/available-jobs.html

  • University of Copenhagen

  • LVMH

  • Maersk logo

  • Pernod Ricard