facilitating job search for Mobile Employees' Partners

Who we are

IDCN is a global Non-Profit Association of companies, NGOs and academic institutions in different locations. It was first launched locally in Lake Geneva region in 2011 (pilot) by Nestlé, Philip Morris International, Ernst & Young and the Vaud Chamber of Commerce (CVCI).

It expanded globally in 2012 driven by Nestlé, Philip Morris International, EY, L’Oréal and Cargill. IDCN is now present in 13 different cities and is developing in other locations with a growing number of members. 29 global organizations and almost 78 local entities are now part of the IDCN throughout the world.

Global Structure
Executive Board
Roles and Responsibilities
Center of Expertise
Our Vision

Our Objectives

IDCN aims to offer its Member organizations, the following benefits:

  • access to a qualified talent pool;
  • access to a global mobility support service for partners; and
  • enhancement of the employee value proposition through becoming a dual career friendly organisation.

IDCN aims to offer mobile employees' partners the following benefits:

  • support in professional integration in a new country
  • the opportunity to network with human resources professionals, corporate representatives and likeminded partners
  • increased awareness of professional opportunities

“Great to get an easy access to necessary information about the local job market”
Nicole, PMI partner

“Good opportunity to network and to show my experience”
Mauricio, Nestle partner

Great initiative, feels like the first time spouses are being taken seriously”Irene, Tetrapak partner

It was difficult to integrate in Switzerland before I found out about the scheme. The network became a kind of coach, helping me to gain perspective and handle the difficult changes as an expat,”
Emma, Nestlé partner

“IDCN really helped to fill the gap to take proactive steps to find a suitable job and create my own network of people.”
Nathalie, Cargill partner